The Best and the Most Compact Review of Bodog Online Poker

Playing poker is one of the most fun ways to spend your time. Besides, it can be pretty lucrative if you apply your mind and win the right hand. Visiting a physical location for playing poker is a no-nothing in this pandemic situation. But does that mean you won’t be playing poker? 

Of course not! If you want to have fun playing poker with real money, visit the Bodog online poker. It is a legit platform that has been in operation since 2004. In the 16 years of its existence, Bodog online poker has managed to set a firm reputation for its fantastic platform and transaction clarity. 

Safety on Bodog

Bodog site

Bodog ensures that your information is never divulged. The site keeps all the information confidential. Also, it isn’t rigged. It maintains clarity and monitors all the players throughout the day. If you look at the review, you will come across many posts that claim to profit from Bodog online poker platform. All you need are the skills. If you know the game you are playing, you are sure to make a good deal of profit. 

Withdrawal and Deposit

When we register into a poker platform, we expect it to be comfortable and convenient. As Bodog is a master of the league, it is provided various payment options to the players. You can deposit funds via credit cards. You can also transfer funds with debit cards.

  • eWallet Xpress,
  • Click2pay,
  • and rapid transfer are other methods that are accepted for fund deposit. 

However, when it comes to transferring, Bodog maintains a strict profile. They would transfer the money via courier, or they would do a direct bank transfer. The site maintains such strictness so that your prize money reaches you safely and is not stuck somewhere due to a technical glitch. 

Is Bodog Online Poker legal? 

Bodog is a registered site. It is not fake. Whether it is legal or not depends on the country you are accessing it from. Many countries have legalized poker. In many countries, only online poker is legal, while many other strictly forbids the game. So, you can check what law your country follows to know whether playing online poker on Bodog is legal or not. 

The Good side of Bodog:

  • Easy games: Bodog often goes out of its way to bring in users. They create amazingly easy games and other things that would be convenient for the players. 
  • Fast Withdrawals: The option for withdrawals is a bit less, but withdrawal is pretty fast. Once you submit the withdrawal request to the cashier, the site acts fast in processing your request. You will have the prize money in your account very shortly, thanks to their quick withdrawal policy. 

The Downside of Bodog:

  • Lacks a Waitlist: Bodog does not have a waiting list. When the tables are full during peak hours, you will often be redirected to another table for starting a game. 
  • Anonymous players: The players here are anonymous. You wouldn’t know who is playing against you. Many players are not sold to this idea. 
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