Poker Blind Rules: How to Use Blinds in Poker Game

A blind bet is a very important part of poker games. Every poker game includes blind. So what does it means?

Well, the blind is a type of bet as well as a position on the table. To start the poker game, blinds are used. 

A blind bet is also known as a forced bet. If you are playing the blind position on a table, you have to put a forced bet in the pot of a pre-determined value.

Blinds in Poker

In a poker table, there is a dealer who deals the card. The position changes after every round so that each player can take advantage of the positions. The player who is a dealer has a round disk called button in front. 

The person who sits to the left of the button is called the small blind. The person sitting on the left to the small blind is called the big blind. 

There are two types of the blind in the game. Both have to put blind bets. The blind position is assigned before the cards are dealt.

If the small blind has to put $100 in the pot as a blind bet, the big blind has to put $200 as a blind bet. 

Poker Blind Rules

Blinds In Poker

To play the blind position and use the blind option, you need to know the rules of it. Here are the rules of using blind in poker.

  • Blind Placement: During every round, the blind placement changes. The game moves clockwise so that every player can take advantage of the playing positions. The player who is on the left-hand side of the button is known as the small blind while the person next to it is known as the big blind.
  • Moving Button: As the button moves the blind position changes. After completion of the first round, the next player gets the button.
  • Two Blinds: There is more than one blind in the game. The first blind is known as the small blind while to other one is known as the big blind. The big blind has to pay a double bet.
  • Raise Pot: During the first act, the player who sits at the blind position has a right to raise the pot. They can easily increase the bet amount.
  • Heads-Up Play: When it is the heads-up play between two blinds, the small blind gets the button in the game.
  • New Player: If a new player wants to join a game, they can either wait for the big blind or directly join the game by placing an equivalent bet to the big blind.
  • Forced Bet: Blind bet stimulate the poker game, so the players who are at the blind position need to put a forced bet on the table. The bet value is pre-determined.
  • Missed Blind: If a person missed any blind bets, they have to make up for all the blinds before they start a new game.

These are the poker blind rules. If you want to take advantage of this position, you need to learn the poker blind rules.

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