Omaha Poker Rules: Learn How to Play Omaha Poker

Omaha poker is another popular variant of poker. This game is derived from Texas Hold’em poker. However, it is slightly different from the original game.

To play Omaha poker, you need to follow a different set of rules. Instead of 2 hole cards, each player is given four hole cards.

The rules with community cards are the same. If you want to play Omaha poker, you need to know the rules of the game.

Omaha Poker Rules

Omaha poker rules

Here are the set of rules you need to follow while playing Omaha poker. It will help you to learn how to play this game.

  • Omaha Poker Types: There are three types of Omaha poker games. Each game differs as per the pot limit. 
    • Pot Limit Omaha Poker
    • No Limit Omaha Poker
    • Fixed Limit Omaha Poker
  • Pot Limit: No limit and pot-limit Omaha poker depend on the size of the blind. The big blind is mostly double of the small blind in the game. However, in a fixed limit game, the big blind amount is twice the amount of small blind. So if the game is of $2/$4 limit, the big blind is two and the small blind is $1.
  • Hole Cards: After the pot limit is set, the game begins. Instead of 2 hole cards, four cards are dealt with every player. The betting starts clockwise from the player who sits next to the big blind.
  • Pre-Flop: In Omaha poker, the pre-flop rule is the same as Texas Hold’em. Once the player looks at the cards, they can take appropriate actions. They can fold, call or raise. The round continues till every player puts the bet.
  • The Flop: After the completion of the first round, comes the flop. In flop, three cards are put on the betting table. The cards are face-up so that everyone can see it. After that, the next round of betting starts. Players can take actions. It starts from the button in a clockwise direction.
  • The Turn: After the second round is completed, comes the turn. Here, another community card is put on the table. The card is face-up. After this card, the third betting round begins. In this round, the player can take actions. They can match the hole cards with the community cards to make a hand. If there is no good chance, they can fold.
  • The River: River is the last community card on the table. It makes up the five community card on the table. This step is very crucial. Now the remaining players on the table have to take actions. This is the final round of the game.
  • The Showdown: After the fourth round of the game comes the showdown. It is like a finale. You have to make the strongest hand using two hole cards and three community cards. The last person who bets will show their cards on the table. However, it mostly end will players folding the cards. The person with the strongest hand wins the game.

These are the basic Omaha Poker rules. You need to follow these rules while playing Omaha Poker.

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