Indian fear traveling to Brisbane that could affect England series

This is very important and should be seen. That is like BCCI and also the team management, here I want to say the Indian team management that fears about to travel to Brisbane. Because of the fourth test of the ongoing, the trophy means the Border Gavaskar trophy. Because of this that could be affected by the England series or can say the home series against England. The city of Brisbane was pushed into the three days of the lockdown until Monday. That is after the new mutant of UK strain of the covid 19. That virus was detected in the Queensland capital.

The Indian fear is constantly evolving the coronavirus and that border of that implication and that situation. The restriction that could necessitate that having to serve to another period of the quintine, that time when they will reach India. Now there are no restrictions on travelers but the light of the new virus.

Therefore the Delhi government has imposed the week-long institutional quarantine which is followed by others. And also for the passengers flying for the capital from the UK, therefore, the similar development of the team who believe that they could affect the start of the England series on Feb 5.

Also, they have to believe some instructions in Brisbane. Therefore the Australian prime minister Scott Morrison announced some new measures of travel in the big to curb the spread and about the more and more inspection about the strain of covid-19. Which is in their community. And also the big bash league teams like the Sydney sixers or the Brisbane Gea have been confirmed by their hotels. That is since the gold coast and the three days of the lockdown. When the lockdown was announced.

They’re all players who participated in that team. They have not been allowed out for the training and Sunday nights. And that the different part for the clash even though the queens land.

Deepak Hooda accuses the Baroda captain urinal Pandya of his abusive behavior

Deepak Hoodah has a falling out with Baroda

In the abroad team, the team vice-captain Deepak Hooda reportedly withdrew that. That is from the all t20 tournaments which happened on Saturday. The Baroda first match for the following the verbal spat from that team’s Captain means the Kunal Pandya.

Deepak Hood wrote a letter to the cricket association. He described that letter as Kunal Pandya’s abusive behavior. And also Hooda sent an email to the BCA against the Kunal Pandya. In that email, he said that he had been playing cricket for 11 years for the Baroda team. And now he was selected for the Mushtaq Ali trophy, during that match, he was demoralized and also he was very depressed and under pressure in that match.

And for the last couple of days, Kunal Pandya is using abusive language against Deepak Hooda, in front of their teammates. And also that thing that comes near is that Kunal Pandya stopped him during his practice.

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