Pokerstars school: Learn to Play Poker

The game of PokerStars is filled with fun, thrill, and adventure. Poker players Around the World are hooked to this game because of all these factors. Additionally, this game lets you win money if you bet online

 If you have had a little experience of playing cards, you would understand what I am talking about right now. Many people win big money by betting online on poker games. If such people surround you, and you are the one who does not know how to play poker, then it is time to change that.

 In this article, we are going to talk about the best way to learn how to play poker, and if you are someone genuinely interested in betting online on poker games, then keep reading.

What is Pokerstars school?

Pokerstars School is Star Group's

Pokerstars school is the Star Group’s endeavour to educate you about the basics of the poker game. If you are new to online poker and do not know where to start, then Pokerstars school is the best way to begin. Here you can learn the basics of poker terminology, how to bet, the rules of various poker games like Texas hold’em, etc. You can also learn about hand rankings, positions, and how to bet successfully on tournaments so that you win a great deal of money.

What Does Pokerstars school Teach?

These are some of the important things that Pokerstars school teaches. 

The Basics

First, you should know about the basics of the game in Pokerstars school. In the basics, you will have a rough idea about the game of poker. You would also know the different variants of Poker game, such as the differences between no limit and fixed limit poker. You will also get an idea about cash poker and tournament Poker, and how each of them works.


In the Pokerstars school, you will have a brief idea about how to bet on poker games and, most importantly, when not to fold and when to fold. You also get to know the different types of betting you can make on the poker game.


Bluffing during the poker game is practically an art. While bluffing you pretend to have cards that you actually don’t so that your opponents are misled. You take advantage of such a situation and use it to win more money.

Hand Rankings

Hand rankings mean the kind of cards you have got and how you can use it to your advantage. The highest-ranking in the game of Poker is Royal flush. Other respectable like hands are full, flush straight and  three of a kind, straight. You will get to know more about these rankings if you visit the Pokerstars school.

Bankroll management

PokerStars will teach you how to bet on poker in a responsible manner. If you follow the bankroll management lessons of Pokerstars, then you will never have to go bankrupt or be broke. You can take risks and still be able to pay all your bills with the bankroll management lessons of Pokerstars school. 

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